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Monday, December 05, 2005

secret dip.

secret recipes about to be revealed!

okay. as with anything in the kitchen, there are variations allowed.

here is the strange dip that is a combination of hummus and guacamole. I will put the separate instructions first, and then explain the combining of the two.


hummus. serves 2 bachelors dinner, or 3-4 people a snack. For pascha or other large gatherings, double as necessary.

1 can of chickpeas.
2 cloves of garlic.
olive oil.
vegetable seasoning.
tahini (if desired-experiment, but don't eat it alone, it tastes awful)

slice one clove of garlic and fry it, (butter tastes better for feasts) put the other one in the blender or chop it up raw.
drain the can of chick peas, wash if desired.
use a food processor or blender of some kind, handheld kind work too, but are sometimes a pain.
add a generous amount, at least 1/4 cup of olive oil
add the spices from the spice cannister, and a tablespoon or two of tahini if you like. blend until it reaches your preferred consistency. though there is oil, because there is water in the chickpeas, water works to add to this mix if you want it a little more viscous.

add a potato chip, placing it halfway in to the dip, change your mind, and taste the dip. if you like it, you are finished.


tomatoes. (the ratio is one tomato for two avocados)
Club House Brand *Spicy Pepper Medly*

Get some ripe avocadoes. This itself is a chore. they need to be perfectly ripe, a little soft, but not too soft.

and here is my secret ingredient. I know I won't have any friends after revealing this, but oh well. I still have St. Herman's taxi.

*Club House brand Spicy Pepper Medly(tm)

cut avocadoes up, add spicy pepper medly, mash with a fork, let it sit so the moisture is soaked up by the spices who then share their spicy goodness with the avocado.

dice the tomato, try and get rid of the really goobery parts so it doesn't turn the guac to mush. oh wait.

Now you have guacamole and hummus.

if you want to combine them for that weird mystery dip that I bring to church sometime, add an extra tomato and a yellow or red pepper in the blender.

happy dipping!

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